When the  Extraordinary Ventures  Event Center first got its start 6 years ago, a high quality home theater system was installed in the Great Hall and has adapted over the years to handle the movie and presentation needs for parties. meetings, and business conferences. As our Event Center has grown and evolved, the AV system has been adapted to include wireless mics and an improved sound system. With daily events including more and more university and statewide business conferences, it became obvious that we were going to need to make a technological leap to a professional grade of equipment and interface that would fulfill clients’ expectations without requiring a full-time AV staff.
We met with a number of great AV professionals in North Carolina and selected  Whitlock  as the company to help us. They have worked with us to redesign the AV system so that it offers a professional grade high-definition data projector that is perfect for showing high-resolution graphics, photos, and video presentations.  To optimize viewing for this 3,000 square foot banquet hall, we  increased the size of the screen to 137″ and added a Sony BluRay player for DVDs.
 AV Photo
In surveys with our regular business and university clients, we learned that speakers not only wanted to be able to perform a variety of complex operations with the system, but also wanted it to be quick and easy to accomplish. The new Crestron system  provides a number of connection options so that we can work with a wide range of computers, iPods, iPads, and other technology sources for presentations. It’s actually a complex system that makes everything seem simple to use. A small wall box with buttons allows the user to choose the AV need and adjust the levels of sound. Everything else is preset, so it’s always perfect.
The Event Center at Extraordinary Ventures is proud to offer this new system to our clients and we believe this will be a great investment for the meeting and presentation needs of the community. If you are planning a business conference, webinar, or annual meeting in Chapel Hill that needs space for up to 300 and great audio visual support, please contact Cyndi Whisnant, Event Director at 919-967-1100, ext 104 or to schedule a tour of the facilities.